30 Stories in 30 Days

In case you haven't heard -- I am working on putting together a fundraiser to honor the SPD Foundation's 30th Anniversary this October -- and I need your help!

I posted this on my blog just a few weeks ago, explaining what I am planning and asking for 30 families that wanted to tell their story of how Sensory Processing Disorder has affected their family. My promise was to post a new story each day throughout the month of October -- making it 30 stories in 30 days. And I have had a HUGE response!

First of all, thank you to everyone who has volunteered -- and for those who haven't, please consider joining us (we have over 40 families already)! This event is going to be the first of its kind, and promises to be monumental for SPD awareness! Every story will get a chance to be involved -- your story is still needed!

The response has been so great, that I even received a wonderful email from Dr. Lucy Jane Miller herself who is excited about our efforts to raise awareness through this 30/30 Event. She is even going to write a little something herself in honor of the event -- you'll have to check back and see what she says ...

It gets better (hard to believe, huh?).

I have also received GENEROUS donations from many of the SPD supporters in our community who want to encourage us all to raise as much money as possible! That's right, there are going to be PRIZES all month long during October for those who bring in the most donations.

Here are just some of the things you can win:
and MORE PRIZES coming in daily!

If you want to donate a prize (your own product, a purchased gift card, or other item) please email me!

Here's the best part -- everyone can win the prizes! You can win just by rallying support from your friends and family to donate to the SPD Foundation. All the details you need to win, donate, and participate will be posted in the weeks and months to come.

Now is the time to join in on the fun and help spread AWARENESS of Sensory Processing Disorder far and wide. This is what we blog for, this is what we write for, this is what we advocate for, this is FOR OUR KIDS.

If you want to share your story, please email me!
If you want to donate a prize, please email me!
If you are just super excited and want to write me something with exclamation marks, please email me!

I seriously can't wait for October, can you tell?


Stacey,momof 2 said...

soon, soon I plan to email you and use a bunch of exclamation points!!!!
... but first I need to rest for a bit.,. the last days of school make life a bit overwhelming! :)

pr0udmom0f3 said...

If you want me to, I can send you a copy of the blog post you had read and commented on of mine...That pretty much sums up how my son, myself, and my family deal with SPD.

Jaimee said...

This is inspiring!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd send you some !! but I am saving them to answer an email from the school system!! Mostly for "Are you serious!!!"

Megan said...

You are so amazing. I wish I had the energy you do, and the get up and go. Mine got up and went. Keep it up!