FTF and Guests

First Things First Article Series 2011

March: Sarah Hoffman, "Up and Screaming
April: Alysia Butler, http://www.trydefyinggravity.com/
May: Shannon Rosa, http://www.squidalicious.com/
June: Stuart Duncan, www. stuartduncan.name
July: Caitlin Wray, http://www.welcome-to-normal.com/
August: Josylyn Gray, http://www.starkravingmadmommy.com/
September:  Laurie Wallin, http://www.lauriewallin.com/
October: Hartley Steiner, http://www.hartleysboys.com/
November: Adrienne Jones, http://www.nopointsforstyle.com/
December: Jennifer Myers,  http://www.jennyalice.blogspot.com/

First Things First Article Series 2010

February:  A Jaw Dropping Experience, Marla Roth-Fisch
MarchVows of Special Needs Parents, Chynna Laird
AprilWrite It Down, Jennie Linthorst
MayAll Showers Lead to Australia, Hartley Steiner
JuneTogetherness:  A Dad's Perspective on Marriage, Gavin Bollard
JulySupport Groups 101, Carrie Fannin
AugustEmotional Acceptance, Cat Lichtenbelt
September:  Sick and Tired, Amy Sherridan
OctoberFinding My Inner Self, Diane Renna
NovemberDiability x2, Leslie O'Donnell
DecemberFriendships Lost Leave Openings for Others, Gina St. Aubin


Creating a Sensory Friendly Classroom -- Dr. Roya Ostovar
Advice for Teenagers on the Spectrum -- Author and Mom Claire LaZebnik
Ellen Notbohm -- Author and Autism Mom
Haley Moss -- Aurthor and Teen with HFA
Tracy Anglada -- Author and Advocate for Bipolar Children
Erik Linthorst -- Film Maker, Autistic Like: Graham's Story
Taylor Morris -- Autism/Aspergers Advocate
Lynda Farrington Wilson -- Author
Darius' Mom, Kathleen -- Soft Clothing
Aviva Weiss -- FunandFunction.com
Chynna Laird -- SPD Mom/Author
Dr. Roya Ostovar -- Psychiatrist/SPD Author
Jessica Ralli -- Soft Clothing Co-Founder/Director
Marla Roth-Fisch -- SPD Author/SPD Foundation Board Member
Carrie Fannin -- Founder of SensoryPlanet.com and SPD Advocate

Guest Posts

That's So Cliche by Alysia Butler
Good Nutrition for Sensationally Pick Eaters by Rebecca Whitlock
We Will Be OK by Caitlin Wray
Homemade Sensory Diet for Summer by Martianne Stranger
200th Follower; Nancy Brown's SPD Story