My very first post

I will start by introducing myself. I am a 32 (almost 33) year old mom of three boys. Matthew is 2 1/2, Nicholas is 4 1/2 and Gabriel is turning 7 in two weeks. I decided to write this blog, because truthfully, I am going crazy at home and my therapist thought that writing down things would help. I guess we will see...

A little about my family. I have been married for almost ten years, to my husband Jeff who works as a corporate guy in Seattle. We live in a suburb, with our three boys--Gabriel, who is adopted from Foster Care and has such a laundry list of ackronyms that go along with his name they warrant their own paragraph, Nick (who looks and acts just like me) and Matthew (who I call my husband's Mini Me), my two Boston Terriers, Buster (17 months) and King Louie (4 months). And if you are adding up, that makes six males in the house, and one female--me.

My kids:

Gabriel has Sensory Processing Disorder, General Anxiety Disorder, Oppositional Definace Disorder, a little OCD and probably some more -- but we have more testing to do. He is a challenge on his best day and on his worst, well, then I feel like "Bad Mommy". Way too much yelling and punishing.

Nicholas has his own challenges. He is as physically big as Gabriel, and has the same emotional and academic intelligences. Not beacause Gabe is behind, but truthfully because Nick is very bright. I was once complaining to a girlfriend about how much Nick argues with me (from about 18 months on we would debate topics), and she said with glee, "Oh! That is a sign of giftedness!!", "Really?" I said, "Because I always thought it was just a sign of bad parenting." I much prefer the "gifted" label.

Matthew is so two years old I think that he may never see three somedays. He hates to wear clothes, takes fantastic fits, is a total stealth like "runner" (the reason they invented the "kid leash"), and tests my creativity daily.

I love my dogs. My husband doesn't. That sums that up.

I stay home in a great subdivsion, but honestly think sometimes that they could seriously be filiming Desperate Housewives here--things are a little crazy at times. I have a small charity I run, and attempt to have a small, but stabilizing life outside my kids. Not so successfull most days.

I love to write, so expect to see more posts. I am sure I will post regularly--my motto is "If you can't laugh at my life, you have no sense of humor."


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