You Know You Have An SPD Kiddo When.... v.2.

By popular demand, we have some more!

You Know You Have An SPD Kiddo When.... v.2.

1. You are constantly asking yourself, "Is that a behavior issue or sensory?"

2. You have at least seven different strategies to get your child's hair cut (so what if he is 7 and has only had three hair cuts in his life).

3. If challenged to remove the words "Inappropriate", "Overstimulated" or "Input" from your vocabulary, you wouldn't last ten minutes.

4. You know the meaning of "Heavy Work."

5. You can name all 7 senses and are highly annoyed that school only teaches 5.

6. You use verbal cues while teaching your child how to ride a bike or throw a ball.

7. You do not have a single article of clothing that has its original tags in it.

8. You do not sew, but have considered whether it would be cost effective to make your child's clothing.

9. You know where to get foam scraps for free--and store extras for other people to make a crash pad.

10. You are hyper vigilant about food dye, preservatives and HFCS.

11. You know what HFCS stands for.

12. You have a better relationship with your OT than your siblings.

13. Your child knows about all natural disasters, and can tell you what to do if one happens.

14. You dread The Fourth Of July and have contemplated going outside and punching anyone setting off fireworks.

15. You unclog the toilet at least once a day--too much toilet paper does it every time.

16. When other moms get together, you are amazed that they don't stay with their child at all times.

17. You are bombarded every day with, "What is that sound?" even though you can't hear a thing.

18. You can diagnose SPD in every adult in your family (not to mention their kids!).

19. Some one in your family thinks that you are "too controlling" with your child's routine.

20. You have endured countless hours of stress over whether or not to give your child medicine.

21. You have 10 different sprinklers, hoses, water slides or swimming pools in your backyard for water play.

22. Your child can operate a shaving cream container by age 4.

23. Your child can spin around and around and around, without getting dizzy.

24. You wonder why no one else's kid seems compelled to climb to the very top of everything--even the book cases in the family room

25. Your child can hear the humming of the lights, but cannot hear you call his name. Even after yelling it five times.

26. You don't own a coat with a working zipper--they have all been chewed off.

27. You have removed everything from your child's room, including his door, at least once.

28. You have made an appointment with every possible doctor--some just because they took your insurance.

29. You have looked into buying noise canceling head phones--and they aren't for you.

30. You are surprised that everyone doesn't know who Carol Kranowitz is.

31. You provide your child's teacher with dozens of ways to learn about SPD, but are still shocked they don't get it (now we can solve that, click here!)

32. You hoard bubble wrap for those days when you can't think of anything else to do.

33. You were amazed that the guy who invented "Electronic Bubble Wrap" didn't win a Noble Prize.

34. You have contemplated buying stock in the Playdoh company just to get a return on your investment.

35. You have encouraged your child to hide under the table in a restaurant.

36. You know how to perform at least 6 different "Animal Walks" and have done them in public.

37. You know the deductibles, limitations and copays for your insurance by heart.

38. The insurance company knows you by name, but you are not sure if that is good.

39. You worry the new toothpaste is "too good" and your child will just eat it out of the tube.

40. You know your child's teeth won't fall out if they don't brush their teeth every day.

41. You hope that the dentist will give your child "happy gas" during their appointment.

42. Your child has been kicked out of preschool.

43. You celebrate the little things, like a perfectly written word.

44. You have given your child lessons on how to color.

45. You marvel at anything your child draws that "looks" just like what he says it is.


Anonymous said...

True...wish they weren't true...but they are....

Kristin C. said...

more laughing - more crying!

Mom said...

I love your blog - great work!
Thank you also for leaving a comment on my blog.

Jennifer S. said...

I love that getting kicked out of preschool is on this list! Thank you!

Melissa Johnston said...

This is I guess I am not alone afterall :)

Anonymous said...

Love this! It made me laugh so hard and yet feel good at the same time that someone else "understands"!!

jesicca said...

Laugh out loud funny!! Just what I needed tonight!

jesicca said...

Laugh out loud funny! Just what I needed tonite!

monique said...

LOL so many of those are true, we got my son a memory foam bed just to save the mattresses

KiahNicole said...

#45 the drawing thing, it got me good the first time that my daughter actually drew something, it is posted on my facebook I will make it public for those who would like to marvel in the spectacular artistic ability of my then 3 year old. She had drawn a circle that looked as though someone with Restless Legs Syndrome drew it with their toes. About 1.5 inches in diameter and when I asked her what it was, not yet knowing how precise they draw, I expected to hear what any other 3 year old would say, you know our house or our car...nope, it was a meatball. and yes, how could I not have seen the was drawn perfectly just like the ones I had made the night before...

KiahNicole said...

did my previous word verification really need to be turdist?

Anonymous said...

You have to explain what SPD is at your child's IEP meeting.

Your child refuses to use toothpaste (just brushes with water), and still has no cavities at 9 1/2 yrs. old. (Yeah sealants!!)

You have more fleece blankets than sheets in the house.