SPD Magnets

I am so happy to have the new SPD magnet on my van, I can't believe it.

How silly is it that I am able to be excited by a magnet? LOL

Let's start with this:

I am the person who drives down the road, checking out all of the other stickers and magnets out there. I read the personalized license plates, and the license plate frames, and quiet honestly, think those people are completely lame for needing to advertise their opinions, sense of humor, or religion on their car.


I don't care if you are a Vegan.
I don't care if you believe in Darwin.
I don't care if Calvin can pee on a Ford symbol.
I don't care that there is a Baby on Board (because I wasn't going to hit you anyway).
I don't care that you like Nine Inch Nails.
I don't care that you are a "Spoiled Little Rich Girl".
I don't care that your "Other Car Is A Mercedes".
I don't care that that you want people to "Wag More Bark Less".
I don't care that you sell Mary Kay or Cookie Lee or whatever.
I don't care that you have an honor student.
I don't care that you have a child in the military.
I REALLY don't care what college you graduated from.

Truthfully, I just really don't see the need to share those opinions with the REST of the world -- or just those lucky enough to be behind you on the highway.

I am not sure what purpose they serve.

Maybe, like when I was in college, people do it because it seems like the "in" thing to do. I am pretty sure that is why there are ribbons of every friggin' color out there magnetically stuck to vehicles.

However, I am CONVINCED that some of those people buy them simply because they match the color of their car.

That's how I picked out the stickers on my first car in college.

The ones that matched my car and fit the window I wanted to put it in.

That brings us to now--15 years later.
I haven't had any stickers (OK, maybe a college parking pass, but that was NOT my idea) on my vehicle since 1993, and I have NEVER had a magnet on my car.

Truthfully, I do care about some of the causes out there.

I do care about Breast Cancer--I am a woman. But I can't stand all the damn pink ribbon stuff out there and Susan Komen seriously needs to take a break for a minute. I am not particularly thrilled with the amount of merchandising that Breast Cancer (or the American Heart Association -- Jump for Heart is such a racket!) or other organizations do.

Aren't you sick of seeing the "Inspi(red)" stuff?

That was cool when it was Gap and iPods, but now, I don't need "Delive(red)" baby shirts and even worse, "inc(red)ible" wrapping paper from Hallmark.

When everything is covered--when saturation exists--I think it begins to be ignored.

(Reign yourself in, Hartley, your rants are getting a little "ti(red)")

Again, back to the SPD magnet.

As you can tell, this stuff drives me crazy!

That said, I am so happy to have this Magnet on my van, that maybe, just maybe, I am able to see why other people are so excited about their stickers.

Maybe other people feel equally as dedicated to making the world know that they hate "Ford" as I want to advocate for SPD awareness.

Maybe, there are people out there who desperately need me to know that not eating meat will save our children.

I don't know.

I DO KNOW that SPD awareness is needed, wanted, and part of my mission in life.

So, for those of you sporting a magnet on your car, that really is overplayed or undercared about--how about a switch?

If you are worried that someone might actually pull you over and ask you about "SPD" as the magnet suggests, I wouldn't be too worried. I mean, honestly, has anyone ever been pulled over and forced to PROVE their other car is a Mercedes? LOL

On the off chance you are approached, and feel you cannot answer--let me know--I will send you, at NO COST, a pile of my business cards and you can hand them to anyone who wants more info on SPD.

Hell--I'll buy you the magnet too if you want. :)

I have to go now, so I can drive around making sure that everyone behind me knows how much I love SPD awareness,

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Jeff said...

Just today I looked at a Dell box and noticed a (Red) thing on it...