Sensory Processing Disorder Advocate

We all are SPD Advocates for our children and all kids with SPD. Spread the word.

S - Sensory Seeking
E - Early Intervention
N - Noise Canceling Earphones
S - Shaving Cream Play
O - Occupational Therapy
R - Rocking
Y - Yelling

P - Proprioception
R - Rough Housing
O - Over-Stimulated
C - Crashing
E - Egg Chairs
S - Seven Senses
S - Support Group
I - IEP Meetings
N - Non-Verbal Learning
G - Gum Chewing

D - DSM 2010!
I - Input
S - Spio Suits
O - Olfactory
R - Reading Every New Book
D -Diet Changes
E - Ear Covering
R - Removing Tags From Clothing

A - Anxiety Issues
D - Desensitization
V -Vigilance
O - Obsessive Compulsive
C - Chew Toys
A - Auditory Processing Problems
T - Touch
E - Exhausted


Kari George (AKA Mom) said...

Hartley! Love this acronym! I think I'm going to add that to my blog too (if you don't mind)! You are one of my many inspirations these know, us SPD moms have got to stick together! If we put our brains together, we can do anything, right? Take care! Hopefully I'll see you on Saturday!

Karen said...

I love that acronym to bits! Every one applies to at least some of us. Especially the last one (Exhausted). I admire your humor and courage, resourcefulness and graciousness. Thank you for also providing a lot of humor amidst all the sadness we come in with sometimes. I can't wait to read your book, I will buy one for sure!