I have found inspiration all over lately.

My interview with Marla Roth-Fisch (Author/Illustrator of Sensitive Sam), which I will be posting soon, has got me inspired to get my book's illustrations FINISHED NOW! Except for Brandon Fall, my amazing illustrator, is on vacation for the next two weeks.

Owell, that just gives me time to find the money, right? Anyone with good ideas? LOL

I am also inspired by Jessica Ralli, at, who I am also interviewing (and no joke, she is giving away Sensory-friendly clothing to YOU, my readers!! You totally have to keep an eye out for that in November), and is following her dreams of making a clothing line for kids with tactile defensiveness.

And after talking with Sherri Pruner, and getting amazing feedback from her interview and her enthusiasm (which is obvious through her work), I am just ready to spread sensory awareness from the highest mountain peak.

I also got a fantastic email from another SPD mom/advocate who is interested in partnering for a special project (more to come on this later...I can't tell all my secrets, can I?) which should kick off before the holidays---

and, of course, the AMAZING calendar that I have worked so hard on with my friend Carrie Fannin over at **I am still in need of ADVERTISERS** for this--please contact me if your business is intersted!

So much to do, so little time.

How are you spreading SPD Awareness? Tell me!

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