Sensory Tools Made "Cool" by Fun and Function (Aviva Weiss)

I came across this amazing new website,, that offers great sensory toys and tools for your home or therapy center (for all you OT/PTs out there!) and was even more excited to find out that the owner/found is not only an Occupational Therapist herself, but has a child with Sensory Processing Disorder (not to mention 4 other kiddos including a 6 week old--ah, hello supermom!).

She has offered to tell us more about her family and her business, and is offering HLW3B readers a 10% discount off their purchases. A discount on therapy toys -- hmmm -- almost better than a new handbag, huh? LOL Here we go!

Hi Aviva! Welcome to HLW3B. I am very excited to talk about your website and how it is making the lives of special needs kids ‘cooler’, but first tell me a little about yourself. How did you come to start a business that caters to kiddos like mine with Sensory Processing Disorder?

Thanks, Hartley for this opportunity! I was inspired to create Fun and Function when I learned my own daughter was challenged with Sensory Processing Disorder, and I was turned off by the high prices and unaesthetic products that she needed for therapy. I began designing my own line, and realized many other parents also wanted an alternative to clinical-looking and costly products.

There are so many amazingly fun and innovative products on your website, but I am very intrigued by the “Exclusive” items you have—especially the dressing vests that look like Police officers and Princesses (I totally want the Police Officer one—very cool!). Where do you find such great items for your site?

I worked with a fashion designer to create the dress-up vests, which we call our Magical Apparel line! It's magical because all children can play dress-up together, and those who need sensory input can place weights in the interior pockets, without missing a beat. The easy-to-grasp buttons, snaps, and zippers offer practice dressing too. As an occupational therapist and mother of five young children, I often come up with too many ideas that I would love to bring to fruition. The hard part is waiting for the ideas to become a reality! Many of the exclusive products are designed and manufactured by Fun and Function. To add to our offering, I also spend a significant amount of time searching for other innovative toys and products which stimulate development and function in children of all abilities.

I commented on your Facebook page where you were asking for input from SPD parents about what kinds of products they want to see in your upcoming 2011 catalog (can't pass up the opportunity to put my two cents in); what a smart idea to ask the people who USE these items at home what they want! Can you disclose any secrets about upcoming new items? I am dying to know!

Our goal for 2011 is to offer a wide variety of products that are selected and voted for by our parents, therapists and of course, children. I might like something from my perspective as an occupational therapist and mom, but there are many other solid opinions out there and I want to hear them. In general our approach to all feedback and ideas is “bring ‘em on!” It makes us better at what we do.

In terms of new products, we are working on some very, very cool social/emotional games with content that is user generated. You and your readers can contribute to the games by joining the discussion on our Facebook page and share what situations trigger emotional reactions from your child. We are also developing a line of functional wearable chewies ( I’ll leave the rest a secret) and calming, comfortable clothing that is designed and voted on by children on

I hear often from friends and fellow special needs moms that they wish there was a local place to purchase these kinds of items. I was impressed to see that you are not only in some retail locations, but that you offer the ability to become a Consultant for your products. Becoming a Consultant sounds like an amazing opportunity for parents like me to make some extra money while sharing and selling products that directly contribute to the well being of other special needs families! Please tell me more about how Consultants help your business, and how some of my readers may benefit from becoming one.

We recognize that people love to touch-and-feel the products before committing to purchase, and we offer this opportunity through our Consultants. There's an added benefit too: when our Consultants demo the products at events like house parties and in service presentations at schools, families and professionals are able to connect and share their knowledge and tips of what's worked for them.

Some of our consultants have day jobs as therapists and many are moms. They're attracted by the extra income of selling products that they really believe in. From a business perspective, our Consultants give us another touch point to understand the range of customer needs, and we gain a bigger footprint across the US.

You can find more information at about how to become a Consultant by clicking the link and reading about it on our site. I would love to have more amazing people join the Fun and Function team!

Thank you Aviva for taking the time out to share with us about your family and your business. Can you tell me where to connect with you? Facebook? Twitter? And also, I hear you are willing to give HLW3B readers a discount?! Tell us about that too! :)

Thank you! It is great meeting other parents with similar passions! You can find us on Facebook at and on Twitter @FunandFunction We are thrilled to offer a 10% discount to your fans just enter code HLW3B in the first discount coupon box upon checkout. Have a great day!


A special thanks to Aviva again; another sensational mom helping sensational kids! She just welcomed her 5th child into their family too, so congratulations on little Sam and another BIG congratulations on the work you are doing to make special needs "cool"!

I hope you will all be able to benefit from the discount code, and take a close look at the great and unique products that Fun and Function has to offer. I am thinking the boys might just get those adorable Magic Dressing Vests in their Easter Baskets, what about you?



Caitlin Wray said...

I don't know if that little red scooter with handles will fit in the Easter basket... I may just make IT the Easter basket! Thanks Hartley for sharing this. Really great products and they truly are a MUCH better price than I've seen in stores.


Valerie Williams said...

I just wanted to say that this is one the best places I have found to get things for my son. I absolutely love their products and have reccomended them to other parents. I'm glad to see the story behind such a wonderful company. Thanks!!!