My Book's First Review and Giveaway!

As you all know, my book came out just barely a week ago, and I have truly enjoyed some great media attention since its release. I have received invitations to do radio interviews, magazine interviews, and I even have a television segment on my book and SPD coming next week (3/31) on King 5/Northwest Cable News here in Seattle. I could not be more pleased.

Until today.

Today the first of the reviews from fellow moms -- fellow SPD parents -- came out. One would think that this would be the least important review, a simple blog, with only two dozen followers, writing about my book. But it is truly the best.

Because of that, I would like to encourage all of you to not only go read the amazingly written review, but to enter to win a copy (the first copy I am giving away!) at Caitlin's blog, Welcome To Normal (

I have been impressed with everything that Caitlin has written , and am drawn in by her honesty and descriptive use of language as she writes about her son, his Sensory Processing Disorder, and their newest diagnosis of Aspergers.

Because of this I have also asked Caitlin to do an article for HLW3B in April in honor of Autism Awareness Month. (Side note, April will also have a giveaway and interview from Lynda Farrington Wilson, author of Squirmy Wormy and Dr. Roya Ostovar, author of The Ultimate Guide to Sensory Processing Disorder).

I encourage you to take a break from your busy day today and head over to Caitlin's blog, and read not just the reivew of my book (which really is good, and I am not just sayin' that because it is my book!), but all of her insightful posts detailing her relatively new journey through SPD and ASD.

Thanks Caitlin! And a big thank you to all of my readers!

Hoping for sunshine on the 3rd day of an entire week of half days (like torture),

Photo: Gabriel and I posing for a photo in honor of the book. (c) Sandy Clifton 2010

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jlgaffen said...

Wonderful! I can't wait to get a copy! It's on my list for my son with SPD and for his older brother and sister to help understand SPD! And your book looks SOOO cute!