6 Word Tribute to My Mom

"Always there when I need her."

I came across this amazing idea from One.org -- write a 6 word story about your mom, an idea that is credited to Ernest Hemingway.  It is said that when asked to write a short story, he replied "Baby Shoes.  For Sale.  Never Worn."  When I read that, my heart stung.  It really is possible to move someone with 6 words.

I have been lucky enough to become a contributing writer at Grown In My Heart, an amazing adoption network of moms out there writing about their experiences from every angle of the adoption triad, and they are doing a Mother's Day carnival with this idea. 

If you are interested in linking up there to enter and win, there are prizes (and cool ones too).  You don't have to be touched by adoption directly, just someone with the desire to give a 6 word tribute to your mom.  And while you are there, look for photos of Gabe and Nick in their new header!

If you are moved to share your 6 words about your mother here, please leave them in the comments.  This is a great opportunity to share our gratitude for all moms.

I hope you all have an amazing Mother's Day, and in case no one told you this week, you are doing a great job!  Your children are lucky to have you, and don't forget to take care of yourself. 


Photo:  I am six years old in this photo -- and no, it really is me, not just Nick in a wig.  ; )  The 6 Word MOMoir is below the photo. 


Megan said...

Lively, loving, tender. Music, missing, anger.

My mom is an amazing woman. I feel that she has shaped my own life to a great degree, through her creativity and competence, but there is always something missing, tied up with anger. Unfinished things, glossed over discussions. Unsaid truths. Misunderstood feelings. Unfulfilled dreams. A chasm that seems to grow every passing year, even as we forgive more and more. I feel sad when I think of her, as fond as I am of her. There is a quiet dance we do around each other. I hope I will dance with my daughters when they are grown up. I hope they will not hold me at arm's length, afraid to look too long in my eyes and see what they don't want to see. A mom is a powerful creature on this earth, having the ability to invoke both fear and inspiration.

Adoption of Jane said...

Aw that was sweet!!!

Martianne said...

Always there to serve with love!

That is my mom in a nutshell and I only hope to be half of what she has been for me for my own chidlren!

ella said...

Gone but always in my heart.

Michelle@Gotchababy said...

Such sweet words and a darling photo.

The six words was hard....easy to come up with six word phrases, but hard to convey a whole story like Hemingway did (I suppose that's one of the reasons he's amazing).

Hartley said...

Thank you all for leaving your six words -- I found this exercise really made me think about my mom -- I hope it gave all of you some fond memories!

Hope your Mother's Day was amazing,