Spreading Awareness

Yesterday I had the great fun of being on Seattle's KOMO 4 News promoting my book, and more importantly Sensory Processing Disorder Awareness.  I could do that every day of my life, and never get tired of it.  It inspires and refreshes me (coming only second to speaking at support groups, or doing Q&A with SPD families!).

When I got on set yesterday, the anchor, Mary Nam, said to me, "I'd never heard of this before!"  Not surprising, but we have to change that. 

So, to remind all of us why we do what we do -- why we blog, why we educate, why we share our story, I am posting my take on what being an SPD Advocate is all about -- with a dash of humor. 

We all are SPD Advocates for our children and all kids with SPD. Spread the word.

S - Sensory Seeking

E - Early Intervention

N - Noise Canceling Earphones

S - Shaving Cream Play

O - Occupational Therapy

R - Rocking

Y - Yelling

P - Proprioception

R - Rough Housing

O - Over-Stimulated

C - Crashing

E - Egg Chairs

S - Seven Senses

S - Support Group

I - IEP Meetings

N - Non-Verbal Learning

G - Gum Chewing

D - DSM 2013!

I - Input

S - Spio Suits

O - Olfactory

R - Reading Every New Book

D -Diet Changes

E - Ear Covering

R - Removing Tags From Clothing

A - Anxiety Issues

D - Desensitization

V -Vigilance

O - Obsessive Compulsive

C - Chew Toys

A - Auditory Processing Problems

T - Touch

E - Exhausted


Chynna said...

This is excellent, Hartley.



Stacey,momof 2 said...

Thanks for getting the word out there! To quote Oprah-- When you know better, you do better!

Let's get the public to know better so that we as parents can do better for our kids!

Patty O. said...

AMEN! Especially to the exhausted part!

Roosterruler said...

Yes! You make one awesome advocate for SPD. Thanks for letting Seattle know what is going on.

I never know if I am supposed to inform people or just appologize when I accidentally react in public. Like the other day, I spazzed when a lady's hand got close to my head and brushed it. "AHH! Sorry. It's not you. Just me." How was she supposed to know that things like that can set me off for extended periods of time.

You rock.


I just did a post on studying for finals and getting through college with SPD/ADHD - might be interesting to you...

missykade said...

Love, love, love this! I would love to post this on my blog with your permission.

I'm having a wonderful review and giveaway on my blog if you would like to enter. I was very impressed with Lucas's reaction while watching the DVD's I reviewed.


Hartley said...

MissyKade, You are welcome to repost it as long as you credit me. :) Thanks for asking!

In Real Life said...

Love this!