Is Your Child "Under-responsive"?

I am working on a new book that highlights the stories of families raising a child with SPD through personal essays written by the parents. My publisher wants me to add more stories from families who are raising a child who is under-responsive.

Sensory Underresponsive is the THIRD type of Sensory Modulation Disorder - with the other two being "Seekers" and "Aoviders" Specifically under-responsive exhibit signs such as - doesn't feel pain, or hot vs. cold, trouble knowing when to use the restroom, doesn't notice hunger, unaware of surroundings, easily exhausted, hard to gain their attention, doesn't notice food left on face, sedentary, not motivated, etc.

I am looking for a parent (or many parents) that would like to write their ‘story’ – and can do so BY NEXT WEEK.

I can forward you guidelines, information, a sample stories, and the release if you are interested. 

Send me an email if you would like to be part of this project - hartleys (at) steinerigroup (dot) com.


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