What Do You Do All Day?

I recently asked on Facebook how stay at home moms of special needs kids would answer the question, 'What do you do all day?' and received some awesome responses!

My favorite was this one, from Jen, who said:

Jen wins the prize for best response to the 'What do you do all day?' question - here's what she wrote: Plain and simple. I put out fires (that makes me a fire fighter), I save the worlds of my boys (that makes me a hero), I have decoded Autism/ SPD/ ADHD (that makes me a translator). I teach my family all that I learn (that makes me a teacher) I cook, bake, decorate (that makes me Martha Stewart), I take care of the dog, cat and fishies (that makes me a vet) I work on the yard and flowers (that makes me a landscape artist) I clean the house (that makes me the maid) I suppose you could otherwise say I am forced to do the impossible each day and you know what...somehow I make it look pretty damn good by the end of the night. Now...if someone was to ask me when the last time I went to the Dentist, Gyno, or other doc beside some Minute Clinic / Urgent care....I don't think I could recall when the last time I took time for myself. I tried it once but clearly it didn't take, LOL.

But then I awoke to an email from my good friend Stark. Raving. Mad. Mom. who took the question I posted and RAN with it!  Here's her hilarious response to the question about what she does all day - complete with brass balls image.  Awesome.

I also thought, since I asked all of you what you do, I would share a post from me from 10/26/09 where I detailed my day.  You can read it here if you have time - because very much like SRMM's post, mine is long - because as every special needs mom knows - there is NEVER a short day.

For those of you who are wondering why I asked, the original question was prompted by me being forced to justify what I do all day to my soon-to-be-ex-husband's attorney.

And now I must go - I'm getting my boys ready for school while Gabe has a full psychotic break over not having milk and Nick is stuck trying to manage his ADHD and get his lunch packed all while Matthew stimms on a TV show and yet somehow I need to get in the shower ... Because I am meeting with a mediator and my soon-to-be-ex-husband in less than 2 hours to go over *just what it is that I do all day* in an attempt to be able to continue stay home with my kids. (Insert swearing) Maybe this calls for a new urban dictionary entry? ;)

Happy Monday!


texjoyce said...

I love your blog entry today. My prayers are with you. :)

Jim said...

Read your sensory blog for spdnetwork and enjoyed it, so I thought i'd stop by here for a quick read.

Forgotten said...

Your link to your post from 2009 is actually a second link to SSRM.

But I agree about what do you do all day. Maybe you should have a friend come over and videotape you all day long to show them what you do.

Gina @ Special Happens said...

Wait, you mean you're not eating bon-bons, playing the Wii and surfing the web all day...GREAT! I really need to get on my A-game! Good luck.

Blogger said...

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