Beauty Is...

My two oldest boys decided that they wanted to enter the school wide "art" contest sponsored by the PTA this year. They, of course, couldn't simply draw something, they wanted to use my camera to be real photographers.

I took each of them out separately today and allowed them to capture an image that fit into this year's theme of "Beauty Is...".

Here are their entries:

"The Speedy Ducks" by Gabriel

His answer to why this photo fits into the theme was, "The water is beautiful; you can kind of see reflections and the ducks make little waves and you can see blue on the ducks if you really look carefully."

"Berries With Leaves" by Nick

His answer to why this photo fits with the theme was, “Beauty means colorful. The picture shows berries that are reddish-orange. The reddish orange berries show a lot of beauty because there are two colors on them which is beauty.”

I am ridiculously proud of their photos, and had more fun than an adult woman should teaching them the basics of photography--including using the camera, focusing the lens, lining up the subject, perspective and lighting.

Now I just have to go pick up the final product at the local drug store 1-hour photo, mat it and submit them on time tomorrow. It is hard work being the mom!

They might be a little sad if they don't actually win (Last time we "entered" something it was to get our letter to President Obama in a book, and Gabriel's letter was actually selected, setting an awful precedence)...but they are both winners in my book.


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