Call for Submissions

I am sure everyone out there is stressed from the holidays. But I think this is the right time to talk about something I feel is important: Taking care of yourself.

Parents like us really need to start taking better care of ourselves, taking care of our personal needs (ah, anyone get a shower in today??), medical (when was your last check up? Dentist visit?), emotional (ever get time alone?), spiritual and nurturing our relationship with our partner/spouse (when was the last time you were alone with your significant other??). These are seriously overlooked by parents with special needs kids.

Nurturing the parts of us that are imperative to our emotional and spiritual survival is not something that should stay on the back burner. It is as much our responsibility as our children’s health.

We need to be able to focus on ourselves, our health, our marriages, our spirit, or own internal desires for self worth. And this isn’t SELFISH. So get that word out of your vocabulary immediately. : )

That said, I am starting a new series here on my blog called
“First Things First” focusing on making yourself, your relationship and your spiritual health your first priority--or at least not your last.

The best part is that I have multiple contributing authors already lined up to provide articles and insight into all parts of life being a special needs parent, including Chynna Laird, author of Not Just Spirited, A Mom’s Sensational Journey with Sensory Processing Disorder (available here) and I’m Not Weird, I have SPD. You can learn more on her website (and don't forget to sign up for her newsletter while you are there too!), but I will be featuring an interview with her the beginning of next year here on HLW3B too. So check back.

With that in mind--I am putting it out there for all of the fabulous writer/bloggers that I know. If you are interested in participating in this great series and have a passion for special needs, specifically SPD and/or ASD, here is your chance. These articles will be highlighted in multiple online blogs, websites and newsletters. This is a great opportunity!

Please contact me directly, at with the subject line "First Things First" and a sample of your writing (either as an attachment or link). After submissions are reviewed, I will be in touch to discuss your potential contribution, subject matter and deadlines for articles.

All sample writings must be received by 1/15 in order for you to be considered for this series.

I think that it is going to be a GREAT series that will help us be better moms, dads, spouses, and friends!

I am sincerely hoping to see contributions from many of you,


marythemom said...

What a great idea! This is one of the most difficult parts of being a special needs parent. I look forward to reading this series (although my adopted kids' special needs are different than your kids - RAD, bipolar, ADD/ADHD, C-PTSD, cerebral dysrhythmia, and learning disabilities - and being teens!).

Mary in TX

Hartley said...

Hey Mary!

I sure agree that taking care of yourself is the hardest. :)

My oldest doesn't have RAD, but he is Bipolar (Mood Disorder NOS, which will be upgraded by his teenage years) and has multiple learning disabilities. So, different acronyms, virtually the same journey! And taking care of ourselves is universaly necessary...don't you think?

Thanks for reading,