Sock Winners!

Have I mentioned how much I love SoftKnitKIDS? Because, if I haven't said it before, THEY ROCK!

After a terrific giveaway here on HLW3B, and 8 entries, the great people at SoftKnitKIDS are giving EVERYONE free socks!

Woo Hoo!!

That's right, the following readers have won a pair of of socks, in their choice of size and color:

Patty Mullins, Jennifer, Jen, Missouri Flat Traveler, Knowledge Safari, Fabiola, The Real Me, and KD.

(The Price Is Right announcer voice)

But wait! There's more....Tell them Bob, what else is there?

Missouri Flat Traveler--seeing as this is the holiday season--you have won not just 1 pair of seamless socks for your boys--but TWO pairs! (Really, with twins, were you gonna have just one? LOL).

And that's still not it....

The Real Me (in Kansas--GO JAYHAWKS!), seeing as you have not 1....not 2....but 3 kiddos with sensory issues, that could all use these socks, you've guessed it, you won THREE PAIRS!

That's right--the great people at SmartKnitKIDS socks are truly invested in helping families. So take this as their official welcome to each and every one of the families that entered here on HLW3B into their ever growing family of happy customers.

Take a minute to choose your size and color form their very easy to use chart and email me at with your name, address and size/color choice and I will pass it along to them.

Thank you again to everyone who entered, and if you want to send me a snapshot of your kiddos in their new socks, I would be happy to post it!

Have a GREAT holiday season--


Anonymous said...

Thanks soooo much!! I am soo excited about these socks! Who would have thought socks could bring so much joy?! LOL! Thanks!

missouri flat travelers said...

Thankyou...i cant wait to give these socks a try on my boys...will definitely send photos...What a great early christmas present.