Come see me!

Where are my California moms?!

If you are in the Los Angeles, San Diego, or southern California area (or don't mind the drive), come out and see me as I support an amazing local company, Sensory Time, who is dedicated to supporting families like mine (and yours) in their local community.  Their sensory friendly play space -- is great -- but owner Lauren Allum's dedication to kids is truly inspiring.  Come talk with us, and let me sign a copy of my book for you,
This is Gabriel Making Sense of School

Lauren and Sensory Time are giving away 100 copies of my book. 
That's right, books are free -- and as always, so is the advice. : )

Love to see you!


Anonymous said...

Would love to meet you, but if I'm reading the flyer and websites right, this is at a church hall and more of a grown up evening. Don't think I'll be able to get my husband home early enough to make it down there before it's over.

Sorry! Hope you have a wonderful evening!


Anne said...
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The Encouraging Mom said...

Hartley! :) I left a blog award for you on my blog. Thanks for always posting the posts I need to read. :)

K- floortime lite mama said...

zI would have LOVED to see you
I am far far away in TN though
Your audience is in for a treat

Josh said...

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Casdok said...

Little bit too far for me to drive!