SPD Blog Carnival -- Sensory Fun Photos

It is that time again!  Please join the SPD Blog Carnival by posting your link below -- our theme for July is "Sensory Fun Photos".

They say a picture is worth a thousand words -- so save yourself the typing, and link up your favorite photo of your sensational summer fun.  Did you have a mud fight?  Did your child jump in the sprinkler or practice balancing along the curbs?  Painting?  Sand castles?  Whatever sensory fun (or trouble!) your kids have gotten into -- post it here!

This is an amazing way to take the best of the best from the SPD Blogging Community every month, and publish it in one location -- kind of like having a monthly 'magazine' that people can come to and read. Everyone of you that reads this (even you lurkers!) can participate -- you DO NOT have to be part of the SPD Blogger Network to participate in the carnival. (But, if you blog about SPD, please consider joining because we would love to have you!)

I also encourage you to check out the other links posted here -- explore other blogs and learn more about what the SPD journey is like for families all over -- we have many new SPDBN members to learn from!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

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Now link up!


Hartley said...

I left the link of us fishing and playing at the beach -- the photo of Gabe with that fish in his hand cracks me up! You'd think that he would be *bothered* by that slippery thing, but nope, not at all! Nick and Matt -- yeah, they wouldn't touch it. LOL


Caitlin Wray said...

I'm attached to my camera at the hip - the other hip of course is reserved for the children ;) so I couldn't bear to do just one photo. My post is a year of SPD in photos. Great theme Hartley, looking forward to enjoying everyone's pictures!


Tiffani Lawton, OJTA said...

Glad I figured out how to use the cell phone camera! Pics are not that great, but at least I am capturing more. I look forward to seeing everyone else's pics.


missykade said...

Hartley thanks for hosting! I'm so glad to link up.

We have TONS of giveaways going on at our blog right now.

One in particular from Discount School Supply that we did four therapy sessions with Lucas using everyday products with EI. Please take a moment and check them out they were spectacular!


We would love to have everyone visit and enter our other giveaways too! We have a Soft Tee, Baby Genius, & CSN $50.00 GC Review and giveaway up now too. They end in a few days so its a perfect time to enter : )

I also have TONS of pictures of Lucas having fun this summer posted. You can never choose one!


Wendy said...

I posted about our homemade version of a crash pad. I can't wait to check out all the photos this month.


Domenica said...

so glad i made the time to check out all the photos. Great to see everyone having fun!

~ Kristen said...

I posted our Sensory Friendly Fireworks from the 4th. *Glowstick* Fireworks :) Going to keep this in my bag of tricks for New Years Eve as well! :)

Alysia said...

My link is a picture of my little guy at my mother's wedding with his noise canceling headphones on! Can't wait to look at all the other pictures!


jOi-C said...

its great to see all our kiddos having a great summer!

Martianne said...

Thank you for hosting and for keeping us all in touch with each other regularly.

It's great to see everyone in your family and in others' enjoying summer and sensory fun!

Chynna said...

Pics of our little 'FIELD TRIP' to our Legislative Grounds for some splishing and splashing. We went via bus and train then to this gorgeous place. A TOTAL sensory experience. We were all exhausted. =)


Lea Keating said...

I added a picture of our sail with the Heart of Sailing program - a wonderful non-profit that links sailors with special needs families. I expected it to be a fun outing, but never expected it to be as sensory filled and therapeutic as it was.

Marcia said...

Pics of our visit to the county fair, where she spun in circles, ran, went down a slide and was hoisted up and down.

danette said...

What a fun topic, just posted mine with some summery sensory fun pics. Look forward to checking out the other entries.