The First Annual SPD Blogger Awards! *Nominations*

That's right - music has the Grammy's and movies have the Oscars - and us SPD writers now have...

The SPD Blogger Awards!!

I am giving out awards for blogs and bloggers who's selfless chronicling of their day to day chaos raising a child with Sensory Processing Disorder inspires, educates and just flat out makes us laugh - and you could win!

Here's how it will go down:

January 10 - 16, Nominations
January 17 - 23, Voting

Are you hooked to a great blog about SPD?  Have you found a blog that gives good advice, makes you laugh, inspires you to keep going?  Nominate them!

Nomination Categories:

Awesome Parent Blog: This all around AWESOME blog must be written by the parent/caregiver of a child with SPD.

Inspirational Parent Blog:  This INSPIRATIONAL blog must be written by the parent/caregiver of a child with SPD.

Humorous Parent Blog:  This HYSTERICAL blog must be written by the parent/caregiver of a child with SPD.

New Blog:  This brand new blog (less than 1 year old) must be written by the parent/caregiver of a child with SPD.

Resource Blog:  This blog can be written by a professional, therapist or parent, individual or group, aimed at giving advice or guidance to parents raising kids with SPD.

It is simple to nominate a blog/blogger, just fill out the form located here, and we are in business.  You can nominate yourself, or someone else, and you can nominate as many blogs as you want!  Please fill out the form for EACH blog you are nominating (one blog per form). 

Once we have all of the nominations in, I will post a voting form here on HLW3B that will be open for YOU to VOTE the week of January 17th - 23rd.  Once the voting is over, and tallied, I will announce the winners here on the 25th of January. 

Please show your favorite SPD blogger some love and nominate him/her!  This is a great way to THANK them for sharing their story and inspiring others!  Now click and get typing!



Adoption of Jane said...

What a great idea!

John and Allie Fields said...

It's too hard to choose! There are so many great ones out there!!!

Patty O. said...

I love this! I just nominated a bunch of people and will probably nominate more soon. I think it's a great idea: not only does it honor the bloggers out there, but it introduces us to great blogs we might not have read yet! I'm always looking for more great SPD blogs to add to my blogroll!

Chynna said...

I'm scared. =S (LOL!!)

Good luck everyone!


trydefyinggravity said...

I love it too! Nominated some and have some more on my mind!

Lindsay Bartholomew said...

Great Idea! Working on some nomination forms now!

Dari said...

I LOVED your guest post on Special Happens re: Gabriel's new friend. It was incredibly touching and a reminder that I am not teaching my kids as well as I could/should.

I loved it so much I wrote a post telling my readers that they HAD to go read it! Wonderful writing. Thank you for that post. It really touched me.

Gina @ Special Happens said...

What a wonderful idea and a perfect way to highlight some useful, fun and inspiring blogs to the community.

Hartley said...

So glad you all like it! Please nominate your favorite blogger(s) and let's show these SPD'ers how great we think they are!