The Power of Storytelling

Dear Readers,

Last April, I came up with the idea of having a blogroll dedicated to those blogging about Sensory Processing Disorder.  I put the word out.

And at first it was just Chynna, Caitlin and myself.

Within days that grew. And grew.  And GREW.

By December 2010 it had nearly 60 members. 

Parents of kids with sensory issues, all dedicated to writing about their experiences in an effort to reach out and support other families just like theirs.

They were committed to spreading awareness of Sensory Processing Disorder as far as their words could reach.

I believe that stories are powerful. One of the most ancient, time trusted, ways to share information, tell about resources and to relay our history.

Because of this, I thought, what could be more powerful than all of these stories in once place?

And the SPDBN was born.

This is your personal invitation - from me to you - to please join me at home of the new SPD Blogger Network,

New daily posts begin on February 1, 2011, from over 70 contributors already registered to contribute from all over the world.  Humor, insight, inspiration and advice from parents who have been there - done that.  Also, reviews, giveaways and interviews from professionals in the field of Sensory Processing.  You don't want to miss this!

Show your support by contributing (very easy!) and by following along.  You can follow via RSS or email, and connect on Twitter and Facebook

Also check out the newsletter, which will boast a recap of the month's most popular posts, as well as a "SPD Blogger of the Month" interview and much more.

The more people who join - the more stories we tell - the further that awareness travels. 

Please share the new SPDBN with your followers, 'fans', friends and family.  Blog about it.  Post about it.  Tweet about it.  Spread the word!

The SPD Blogger Network
Sensational Chaos.  Sensational Joys.  Sensational Lives.

What story will you tell?



Chynna said...

YAY!!! Hartley, once again, you rock. Thanks for caring so much about SPD caregivers...and for allowing me to be a teeny part of your goal. The SPDBN is a true gift. <3


Jaimie said...

Wow, the SPDBN is going to be amazing!

Heather said...

I'm getting so excited to see it take off!

Patty O. said...

I can't wait! This is just going to be so great--a resource that will help so many families!