My Readers ROCK! {Giveaway Announcement}

I've said it before, and I'll say it again -


In all seriousness, I started this blog years ago to share my story - my life struggles raising a complex child.  You have seen me through diagnosis after diagnosis, challenges, embarrassment, joys, more chaos, and of course, successes - you have been true friends to me!

Thank you for supporting me and giving me over 7500 votes at - but more importantly....

Thank you to the 11,000+ visitors that have come to
Hartley's Life With 3 Boys so far this month. 
Thank you to those new followers who have 'joined me'
by RSS and Google!  Welcome! 
Thank you to the 300+ new people now following me on twitter.
Thank you for the HUNDREDS of comments here - we are a community!
And thank you to the women who lend their talents, their stories
and their passion to HLW3B every month -
Patty, Alysia, Michelle and Caitlin!

What we have done these last two weeks is spread awareness of Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Bipolar, and all invisible disabilities to TENS OF THOUSANDS of new people.  That is a win by any definition - and I couldn't have done it alone! 

To say thanks, I am putting together one helluva a giveaway celebration to let you all know how awesome I think you are -

Hartley's Favorite Things! 
(details to come!)

But now, I want to share some of the comments from Facebook after I posted there yesterday (don't we have fun there?!):

Hartley's Life With 3 Boys  Hi friends, I am officially backing out of the contest. eSpecially Ben has beaten me - they must have incredible voters and be on it 24/7! THANK YOU ALL for your support, votes and enthusiasm - I am truly lucky to belong to this community! :)

Allison Fields: Just know you are well loved!

Lisa Kenison agreed

Kirsten Nugent  I am still voting! And you my dear are a true inspiration to all of us Mommies! I am inspired by you and trails you are blazing, I hope to one day open as many eyes as you have :) keep up the amazing work Hartley you should be immensely proud of your self!!

Hartley's Life With 3 Boys Thank you Lisa! Thank you Kirsten! I am honored to be a part of this community - truly. I don't need an award to know how much I am supported or how lucky I am!

Natalee Hartwell I am so bummed. We were so close. But it was awesome to see all the love via votes. I think with all of our retweets/reposts, we have exposed you and our community to thousands more and maybe that was what all of this was for anyway! ;)

Tracy Jeffords Martinez Well we think your awesome!!!

Lea Keating You're absolutely #1 with us - and I agree, great exposure to new readers through all of this!

Stephanie Lang Bonifazi Well, you are the winner in my book!

Melissa Alog Umali   Hartley, this takes nothing away from the respect and admiration of your blog and its followers. Your popularity and credibility grow not by a certification by but by the sharing of your loyal followers like me who forward your insightful blog posts to others that might benefit from your wisdom.

Robin Donovan Cox  I'll keep voting

Joanne Wells Hartley...I'm so sad:( I'm' with you--they must have some crazy supporters!! They took such a jump today. Just want to thank you for all you do to bring autism and sensory to the forefront for our children. I for one am so happy to have you as a representative!! I wish you would have won. But lets keep it going and I know you will be out there doing all you can to spread the word to the rest of the world about our FABULOUS children!

Jamela Salley I'm not giving up!

Hartley's Life With 3 Boys You are all going to make me cry! Thank you all!! So very much!! --- I do want to clarify by saying that is the only one that can declare an official winner. ♥ you all!

Tiffany LaGrange You put up a good fight!

Brenda Copeland Jack You gave it a good try! And you made a lot more people aware of the site!

Kiley Philp Ur #1 to all of us...still voting.

Julie Proper I'm still voting it ain't over till the fat lady sings lol. Your blog has helped me in so many ways including ideas and knowing I'm not alone in this!

Sandra Schreiber- LaPointe  me too, my hubby and friends are voting...WE LOVE YOU!!!!! Your book arrived today!

Mary Cookson Why back out??? As my son is right this moment reciting in his karate class, "no retreat in battle!"

Hartley's Life With 3 Boys OK all you die hard voters - go get 'em! : )

Shalene LaCombe I"m still voting too! Si se puede!! (yes we can!)

Aviva Weiss C'mon! you can do it!

Hartley's Life With 3 Boys I think you guys are awesome!

Melissa Morris Nimmo I'm still casting my daily vote! You have been a great source of inspiration and information! You Win!

Cindy Harwood Tremblay still voting here too... you have helped a lot of people with your blog... even if the only thing I learn is that I am not alone, that is enough... (but that isn't all I have learned, so far!)

Thank you all!!


mama p said...

Just wanted to say it's been such a JOY to find your blog-- my boy is recently diagnosed as SPD-- AND it was such a joy to vote every day, to see that % line extend. I went from feeling so very isolated to not at all alone, all in the course of a week or so. wow! If I'm feeling this grateful, I can only imagine how you must feel :) THANK YOU for all you do, I am so glad you're here!!

Lindsay Bartholomew said...

As i have said before your blog was the first one I found with our dx of SPD. You have been an inspiration and support (w/o you even knowing!) You are honest and open with your struggles which gave me the power to feel good writing about Emma's struggles vs. guilty.
Thank you for your blog, book and SPDBN.You are creating such wonderful dialog and awareness to issues that seem to be swept under the rug.

Hartley said...

Thank you both so much for such kind words!! It is GREAT to have you both here! :)

Jennifer Swift said...

The struggles you had made you a better mom today. I really admire you for giving your kids a very good life.

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