"Love Poem" By Jennie Linthorst (Happy Mother's Day!)

Love Poem
by Jennie Linthorst

I want to write a love poem
for the mother I am today.

I want to tell her it’s okay to have those days
when it hurts
as in the park today,
when she watched other three-year-old boys
move their bodies with ease,
his parents unaware
of brainpower the body must use
to accomplish such tasks.

I want to write a love poem to this mother
who is the very light in her son’s eyes.
I want her to notice how he leans his body closer to her lap,
one arm always attached,
held on to, protected.

I want her to witness the bond of mother to son,
to witness the perfection
of just that simple thing.

I want her to know that no one in this world
can alter, judge, assess, label,
or destroy that miracle.

I want to write a love poem to this mother
who sits in a chair tonight,
tired and frustrated.

I want her to remember these moments with clarity,
to remember that each day comes and goes.

To remember that the big things and little things
have turned out okay.

Thank you to Jennie Linthorst (mom to Graham from the movie Autisic Like: Graham's Story) for allowing me to reprint this poem.  Her entire collection of 61 poems (which are amazing), will be available for purchase this summer.

Happy Mother's Day my friends,


Rileys Smile said...

Lovely, I will remember. Thank you!

Lizbeth said...

Beautiful, thank you.