Is it Sensory or Behavior?

I am over at the SPD Blogger Network giving my take on how to determine the cause of your child's behavior challenges (Sensory vs. Behavior) - including the difference between a meltdown and a tantrum - important info for parents with kids who have ANY challenges - so stop by and leave me a comment! :)

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Magnificent Minds said...

Sensory or behaviour is the age old debate! The only way to figure it out is to do a functional behaviour assessment. Parents sometimes have a natural inclination though, which often turns out to be quite right, so go with your gut!

Karin said...

I usually fly with my gut on this, and so far, I think my average is pretty good. Generally, I've found that reactions that are sensory based make him seem more irrational- he becomes less articulate, for example, and he has an extremely sophisticated vocabulary for his age. When he's tantruming, it's often punctuated with things like, "But I waaaaaant it!" Tantrums are more easily traceable as to the source.