Help the SPD Foundation WIN $250,000!

Hello Friends!

The Vivint Gives Back Project is donating $250,00 to the top charity in each region of the United States! All it takes to become the top charity is to get endorsements/votes from supporters like you. Whichever charity gets the most endorsements wins the $250,000 prize!
There are 2 phases. During phase 1 you can endorse the Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation every day until June 11th. The top 20 most endorsed charities from each region will move on to Phase 2. If they move on to Phase 2, please continue to endorse/vote everyday until August 27th. At that time, the charity in each region with the most votes will win the $250,000 prize!
Imagine the amount of research the SPD Foundation would be able to accomplish with $250,000! And all you have to do is take 30 seconds out of your day to log on to Facebook and vote. It really is that simple. Click the link below to endorse the SPDF. You have to have a Facebook account to do this. Once you click the link it will ask you to login to Facebook first. Click "login". Enter your login and password. Then click "allow". Then click "Like".  A box appears for you to enter in a message but then quickly disappears. This is okay.  Just scroll down and click "endorse". That's it! Please do this every day. There are only 9 days left for us to qualify for Phase 2.
Will you help the SPD Foundation win this prize by sharing this on your Facebook page, your blogs and Twitter to encourage your friends to endorse them too? Please say yes!  

Click the link to vote!

Thank you!!

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