Squirmy Wormy Winner!

A big thank you to everyone who read and entered my interview with Squirmy Wormy author Lynda Farrington Wilson!

The very precise and scientific process of picking a winner today was performed by Matthew. And Matthew drew . . .


Congratulations Jen -- you are the winner of Squirmy Wormy.

Please email me and give me your address so I can get that book shipped to you -- and you can start working on self-regulation with your kiddos!

Thanks again to everyone -- and especially Lynda Farrington Wilson for helping support SPD Awareness and our children.

Next in my Autism Awareness Month posts will be my interview with Taylor Morris -- I am more excited than you can imagine!

Enjoy the weekend,


Sari said...

Hi Hartley, thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I am so thankful that you did - in just the couple of moments that I have spent reading, I have already picked up some great tips from you.

You have a beautiful family.

I look forward to being a regular reader.

Thank you again,


Chynna said...

Can't wait to read this interview. I think I'll read it with Jaimie. =)