Book Winner!

We officially have a winner for Chynna T. Laird's book, "Not Just Spirited: A Mom's Journey With Sensory Processing Disorder....

(hear the drum roll?)

Here is what Chynna wrote:

I LOVED all the comments and it was so, so difficult to choose the best one but I loved the one by "Roosterruler" who talked about SPD from the perspective of a young person living with it. I teared up reading her post because I envisioned Jaimie at the same age. It was beautiful.

So, Roosterruler, you are the winner!

Please email me privately with your mailing address and I will get that to Chynna ASAP.

Thanks to everyone who entered; I hope you will all get the chance to read Chynna's heartwarming story--truly inspirational.

I will post again later this week--but I am busy getting the last tiny details perfect on my book before it heads to the printer this week. I could cry, or laugh, or maybe throw up--it's that exciting!

More later,


Sasha said...

I just placed an order for that book- it sounds wonderful and I can't wait to get it.

We started a new behavior stick-chart system at school yesterday for P, who is struggling in K. I am glad to say it seemed to go well yesterday, but hate that he is having to do something so different than his peers to have a successful day.

So so so glad I found your blog.

Hartley said...


Thanks for the comment--I think you'll love the book. I sure did.

And I say KUDDOS to P's teacher for being willing to do something JUST FOR HIM to make him successful. And in Kindergarten, the other kids are probably just jealous. ;)