Vacation Rewind

I don't have an extensive amount of time to type, but I thought some of you might like to see the visual schedule I put together for our trip. It is pretty basic, but it will get us there.

I will give each child a printed off (disposable) version, with their name on it, and a marker to help them "check off" each step as we go. They can carry it with them and refer to it at will. I like doing it this way instead of the Velcro laminated version because during a flight/trip it is hard to not lose things--and when you do lose something, there are too many places to look for it. : )
Gabriel can't believe there are 24 steps to get there--me neither. *sigh*

In case you are looking for things to read while I am gone (I don't want you to go through withdrawals!), you can check out the blog series I did on our trip to San Diego last year.

Here it is:

The plane ride to San Diego (starring Matthew out-of-sync, Gabriel impatient, and me NOT killing a flight attendant).

Our zoo goes to the zoo (our group heading to the SD zoo).

Sea World (all of us petting sharks).

A day to take it easy (the San Diego Children's museum and more).

The Beach (the last day at the beach, the trip home, and thoughts on my apt to get Gabe's official "ASD" diagnosis last year).

So, until I am back with more crazy sensory-induced antics to share, keep yourselves warm and I will be drinking a toast to you by 10am Friday!

Adios Amigos,


father of four said...

Good stuff. I'm going to take a laminated, colour copy of your itinerary to my travel agent (that'd be my wife) and let them know that's what I want now.

LAA and Family said...

Great job with the schedule! I agree, the schedule with pieces to remove isn't very practical for vacations. We didn't even bother with a schedule on our last vacation, other than using a dry-erase marker board and lots of verbal reminding. However, we went somewhere he was very familiar with. I would want to create something like what you have done if we went to a new place.

Good work!

Evie and Chris' Mommy said...

I almost cried reading your comment on my site raising Irish Twins. Part of my problem dealing with things is I have no one to talk to about it. My husband cares but handles things his own way, and my parents think I'm nuts! Thank you for letting me know their are others out there and Im not crazy! Topher has only been in therapy for 4 months, but his aggression level is increasing daily. Thank you for visiting hopefully we can talk more. I can use any advice you got!

Anonymous said...

Hasta Luego! Have a wonderful vacation!