We're Back!

I am still up to my neck in dirty clothes, suntan lotion and suitcase unpacking, so I'll make this brief:

Matthew was crazy--got in a ton of trouble (rode the elevator alone, insisted on the bar pool, screamed through security and pressed the emergency button in the elevator 5 times--but not when he traveled alone).

Nicholas--did great! A little bossy at times, but overall a great traveler (thank god for portable TV players with all-you-can-watch Star Wars the Clone Wars episodes).

Gabriel -- well, he had his moments, but overall it was a huge success for him too. :) No major flip outs during customs, which is awesome, and a predictable two meltdowns (minor) a day when he didn't get his way. But hey, we have that at home.

I will be sure to post some stories and photos as the days pass, but right now I am preparing a terrific interview with Chynna Laird, author of the new book Not Just Spirited; a mom's sensational journey with SPD and, you guessed it, GIVEAWAY!

Give me a day or two to wash our clothes (not that we are going to be wearing swim trunks and t-shirts anytime soon here in WA) and we'll be back in the swing of things.

Until then, I have "let down meltdowns" to contend with since all three boys stayed home from school.

Happy to be home--really.


Knowledge Safari said...

Sounds like a great trip - looking forward to hearing more! Welcome Back! Our site launches in 13 days - woo hoo! www.knowledgesafari.com

father of four said...

Glad you enjoyed it, but it's good that you're back home too. Well done!