Happy & Thankful

Imagine my surprise, when I sat down today to write up the pre-scheduled blog post for today, to find that two of my wonderful blog-friends have given me an award. Yes, an award. Why do you seem so surprised? LOL

(acceptance speech)

I want to thank Dia and Mary (the mom) for giving me this wonderful award...

(where is Kanye when I need some one to save me from having to give an acceptance speech?)

...and to my mother for always being there for me, my manager, my agent, and my husband....

(cue music)

Thank you!

So normally, I am not going to lie, this is one of those things I just don't do. I also don't do chain emails, forwards, or facebook lists. I tried, but honestly, it is just not who I am.

That said, this one seems fairly simple. Write 10 things that make me happy.

I can do that. Here they are in no particular order:

1. My husband

2. My children's happiness

3. Knowing people who "get it"

4. Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi

5. The bottle of DeLille cellar's D2 I got for Christmas from a GREAT friend which is sitting in my wine fridge now

6. New jeans and the fact that I can fit into a smaller size

7. Running at the gym (whodathunkit?)

8. My ruby wedding ring

9. Writing -- especially knowing my book will finally be published!

10. Warm beaches (we leave for Mexico in 6 days!)

Although I am not going to post everything I planned on having here today, I do want to say this:

Last month HLW3B happily received its 100th follower (and now we are at 105!!) and I was overwhelmed with gratitude. I started this blog just over a year ago in order to reach families that were parenting a child like mine--dealing with adoption, foster care, Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism/Aspergers/PDD, Bipolar/Mood Disorder, and more--and what I found was an amazing group of people who "get" my life. This grassroots effort to spread awareness for our children is growing every day and I am so grateful to be a part of it. So, to each and everyone of you out there that takes the time to read my blog I want to say a heartfelt THANK YOU.

Additionally, a little bit of news: we have officially moved this blog (don't worry, it requires NOTHING from you...you can still find it on your dashboard if you are following me) to

Yep, I have my own url now. Feel free to visit me there any time. LOL
I wish you all health, happiness, success, understanding, compassion and love in 2010.

I have GREAT things planned for Hartley's Life With 3 Boys this year. Stay tuned!


Chynna said...


I'm so excited for you and SO proud of you!

You're doing truly amazing things, girl.



PS: Think of me when you're on the beach in Mexico drinking a nice, cold, frosty beverage. =)

Sheila said...

great read! I have loved reading the story of your family. Can't wait to read the next episode!

: ) Sheila