Sensational Links

My new "Sensational Links" post series is inspired by the blog No Hands But Ours, where they list the best articles the special needs adoption blogosphere has to offer each week.  What a genius idea.  So, logically, I am copying it.

Each week, hopefully, I am going to collect the best from the SPD Blogging Community and leave it here for you to check out.  Cool, huh?  If I don't follow your blog, but you think you have something that would be perfect for this, please feel free to email me the link.


Sensational Links for 8/13/10
(odd that we are staring on Friday the 13th...)

Second Fiddle, from SPD mom Caitlin Wray at Welcome to Normal:  A great post about how her high needs child (Me First) always takes priority over her toddler (Me Too), with tips to help you focus on your Me Too kids.

Car Wash, from SPD mom Martianne Stranger at Training Happy Hearts:  How to turn washing your car into a multi-sensory activity for the whole family.

Now There are Two, from SPD mom (x2) Chynna Laird at The Gift Blog: Getting the SPD diagnosis for her second child.

Road Tripping Adventures, from SPD mom Patty O. at Pancakes Gone Awry:   Her hysterical account of her family's regular 3 hour road trip to thearpy - including a horrifically long tram ride.

These Dreams, from SPD mom Alysia Butler at Defying Gravity: When her dream shows her how hard life could be, she is reminded to stay in the moment with her son.


Chynna said...

Oh, Hartley. I'm honored to be on this week's 'sensational links' list.

Thank you. =)

Great idea to help connect everyone in the SPD Community.


Joyce said...

Hi Hartley
Not sure if i have left a comment here before - I think i tried but it didnt work (probably my internet playing little games) but Im joyce and my 6yo has been recently identified as SPD - I say identified as he really hasnt got a formal diagnosis - more that he fits the sensory seeking child with SPD. Im still learning as he gets OT once a fortnight .. lots to learn.
Thanks for your posts - esp your last one and now this one too. I have put you on my blog list to follow as I can see you have some wonderful info and connections.


Hartley said...

@Chynna -- Always happy to share what you write with others!

@Joyce -- Welcome! Thanks for leaving a comment and for following my blog. :) I look forward to getting to know you and your child better!


Martianne said...

what a fun surprise to see our family car cleaning post on your list when I opened my email subscription post to your blog. Thank you for including us!

And, thank you for rounding up some wonderful posts at other blogs for me to read. I love reading everyone's, but don't always have the time to click through my "read" lists, so your post makes it easier!

Alysia said...

WOW - thank you for the link! I am honored as well to be on this list. Thank you for this and for everything you've given me. Without you and the other bloggers I'd still be pretty lost.

Caitlin Wray said...

Thanks Hartley! I'm especially happy that you chose the post about Seth, poor little guy needs all the attention he can get ;)


Patty O. said...

What a great idea! I thought it was awesome, even before I realized you highlighted my post. Thank you! I am so excited/honored!!!