Sensational Links

Sensational Links for 8/27/10

She Hates What I Do - Thanks Pal by SPD college student Maggie at Runaway Maggie May:  A great post about her friend's comment that perhaps Maggie was using her ADHD as an "excuse" to make school easier for her. 

The Things We Do For Our Kids by SPD mom Michelle at She's Always Write:  The arrival of the first non-family birthday party invitation -- and the party is at Chuck E. Cheese. 

Two Big Boys by SPD mom Kirsten at No We're Not There Yet:  Reaching the milestone of the last child officially potty trained!

Rollercoaster by SPD mom Jaimee at Our Life With SPD:  A recount of her six year old's meltdowns and challenges during the second week back to school.


~ Kristen said...

Cool!! Thanks for the shout out. Honored to be up there with some other great blogs!! :)

Just got back from the Neurologist, we are 2 reports and 1 evaluation (thats happening in the next 2 weeks) away from getting a Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis for Nash my almost 3 year old. What a weird feeling it was leaving the office today, I knew what the plan was today when we went in and yet felt run over by a truck when we left. Crazy!

Jaimee said...

Thank you Hartley!! It made my week to see I was included in the Sensational Links : )