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It's Friday, and I have rounded up some more Sensational Links!  Check them out --

Sensational Links for 8/20/10

I'm Overwhelmed! by SPD mom, Momma C at Our Out of Sync Life:  Great tips on how to do it all -- from house cleaning to school work, all with clean clothes and food on the table.

At Home Proprioception Tools by SPD mom (x2) Chynna Laird at The Gift Blog:  A great post about getting your children the input they need, with tips on real life ways to accomplish it.

Welcome to Normal by SPD mom Jen at State of Mind:  A heartwarming post about how great her daughter Jacq is doing.  Nothing better than a success story! : )

Let's Do The Twist by SPD mom Beth at In the Midst of Miracles:  A post about her daughter's need to twist her hair, and a request to help her find a solution.  Do you have any tips?

Help Parents of Kids with SPD Raise Awareness by SPD mom Terri Mauro at A big thank you to Terri for blogging about my 30 SPD Stories in 30 Days, and also about SPDBN member Debbie's 30/30 Celebration

If you have a Sensational Link that you want me to see, please email it to me. 

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