Silent Prayer for School

With school around the corner (finally) I realize that the impending stress of IEPs, transitions and new teacher worries have begun to weigh heavily on my mind, and the minds of every special needs parent I know.  So to honor the new road ahead, I am reposting my school prayer.

Silent Prayer for School

Please let this year be successful.
Give me the strength to get through the IEP process.
Let my child qualify for everything he needs.
Let the school be on our side.
Let us work as a team.

Give me the strength to prepare my child for school each day.
Let his clothes fit just right.
Let his shoes be tight enough.
Let the bus not be so noisy.
Let the lines be short.
Let the classroom walls be nearly empty.
Let the other children not notice him chewing his backpack.

Give me the strength to educate and support the new teacher(s).
Let my child’s teacher see him the way I do—as a beautiful child who needs extra help.
Let his teacher support him by following the IEP.
Let his teacher understand SPD and HFA.
Let his teacher see our family and how important their role is in our stability.

Give me the strength to encourage my son’s social interactions.
Let the school bullies move to another district.
Let my child make a friend.
Let my child be invited to a birthday party.
Let my child have play dates this year.
Let my child feel accepted by his peers.

Give me the strength to continue to advocate for my son’s education.
Let my child love school.
Let the school love my child.
Let my child learn.
Let my child’s day be filled with fun, laughter and connection.

Wishing all of our kids success,


Anonymous said...

That is perfect! All those things should not be so hard to get, but I know they are.

My husband and I are celebrating a little early here. We got confirmation this week that our favorite teacher ever is moving up to our daughter's current grade, and the placement has been made. It seems like such a simple thing, but it's a huge relief to know the teacher part is handled.

Fingers crossed that all of our kids have a great year!


Patty O. said...

AMEN! I feel the SAME way. 10 more days until the craziness of school begins. Danny is so not looking forward to first grade. I am begging God to give him a fabulous teacher.